SMD Elite Stands Trademark Registration

Published on: 22nd June 2018

I have worked for clients in London and the rest of the UK for over 30 years and quality in our products, have been paramount in the services we supply. After visiting a refurbished property in London, costing in the access of 15 million,  I was surprised these styles of signs still being used at front of house.

I decided from that moment on to offer a quality sign to my clients, to be designed and manufactured by us in our Kent based workshops. Many properties have entrance’s with a marble floor, which when wet are a slip hazard, so with this in mind the design would need to be of a sturdy design, yet stylish and complement the surrounding architecture.

After many designs and trial templates we created a product that had that high-quality feel, manufactured from premium stainless-steel, making them suitable for most environments.

A clear acrylic panel is located to the face of the stainless steel with reverse printed graphics, with yellow and black graphics used complies with DDA regulations and follows British Standards for safety signs.

Now the finished product, tried and tested, carries the UK design registration trademark 6036638 awarded to Steve Marsh Design. We have had orders from various blue chip and cleaning companies, and continue to grow our portfolio, with new and existing customers retuning to the site.

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