Signs with LED lighting


At Steve Marsh Design, we provide small and large businesses with LED signs that make a real aesthetical and functional difference. We offer LED signs in a range of designs that are tailored to your needs. We can create wall-mounted or free-standing LED signs and design them to your specific branding as well as use the LED panel to highlight your company’s logo colours and more. Install the perfect LED display for your business with our LED signs – whatever your requests, we will make sure that we deliver the eye-popping LED displays you have been searching for.

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How Do They Work?
Many of our LED signs come in A4 or A3 designs but bespoke requests are also accepted. The entirety of the sign surface benefits from an underneath LED illumination as they are internally lit. We use a low-voltage LED panel on our designs which makes them cool to touch and environmentally friendly too, saves you money when left illuminated over long periods.

Who Should Consider LED Signs?
LED lights are exceptionally versatile, meaning many businesses from different industries can benefit from owning them. If you think an LED sign could be the perfect fit for your establishment, you are probably right. Some of our previous customers have benefited from our LED signs in their hotels, restaurants and estate agent offices.

Our Professional Service
For more information on our LED signs or our service, please contact the Steve Marsh Design team who will be happy to walk you through the simple process. We always go the extra mile to ensure clients get the LED signs they need.

Convenient and Professional Fitters
Our fitting team are experienced and fully qualified to install your corporate signs safely and efficiently. Our fitters carry out the work quickly to cause minimum disruption to your business day. You can also be guaranteed that our team will leave your premises as clean as when we found it.

Our LED stands are available to purchase from our shop, Click here, Upload your own image or inquire about a bespoke design just for you.


If you have any questions about the process of owning stylish corporate signs, or if you have any further questions about our fitting service, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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