Sign Fixings & Standoffs

It can appear plain when you have to hang all the promotional, informational and health & safety signs around your property flush against the surface where you are placing them. If you really want to get the message of the sign across, they need to make it stand out. For that, you should consider sign standoffs.

What Are Sign Standoffs?
Sign standoffs are fixings that look like a more complex alternative to the traditional screw, they are a separator that has a threaded section. The most common type of sign standoffs used are the through-grip standoffs, that require a small hole made into the sign or even artwork so the cap of the standoff can easily screw into the barrel.

Why Use Sign Standoffs?
Sign standoffs are one of the easiest ways to achieve a 3D effect without the use of a frame, because they make the sign pop out from the surface of the wall.

Rather than having your promotional, display and health & safety signs flush with the surface you are hanging them, why not add a more professional touch with these high-quality brass standoff fixings with a gold finish from Steve Marsh Design?

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