No smoking signs

Health & Safety Signs are important for your business premises. They help to convey important messages across to your employees, members of the public and anyone else who may be frequenting your commercial property.

They also help you to remain compliant with rules and regulations that often carry a hefty fine if broken and not adhered to appropriately. These chic high-quality stainless-steel no smoking notices are health & safety signs that have been specially designed to meet the requirements outlined by the 2006 Health Act.

In that legislation, proposed in 2006 and introduced from 1st July 2007 onwards, it is now illegal for anyone to smoke in public enclosed or what is deemed to be substantially enclosed areas and workplaces.

Signs like these from Steve Marsh Design need to be conspicuous, but don’t need to be too big or obvious that they detract from the look and feel of your business premises. In fact, as one of the biggest sign companies in Kent, Steve Marsh Design has experience developing important signs that get important messages across, while upholding the professionalism of the building.

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