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Besoke acrylic fire refuge sign
Fire action sign
Lift safety fire signs
Fire sign on polished edge acrylic
fire sign on polished edge acrylic
Suspended acrylic fire sign
Tactile fire exit ign
Tactile fire door signs
Fire extinguisher signs

Fire Signs

Fire safety signs are very important, informing staff and visitors what they should if there is a fire. Legally required signs can include emergency exit signs, fire escape route signs, fire point signs and directions to marshalling points and emergency phones. They are required by law to be conspicuous, but need not detract from the presentation of your premises. Among our most popular fire signs are Acrylic Fire Signs, frequently mounted on metal locators, as shown below. Acrylic signs give a smart modern appearance to these legally required signs. DOWNLOAD ACRYLIC FIRE EXIT SIGNS PRICE SHEET

Office let signs for Watchmoor Park

Fire exit sign on polished edge acrylic panel mounted on
polished metal locators

All fire exit signs we produce conform to the 'Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996' , which requires all Safety , Health , Emergency and Fire Equiptment signs to include a pictorial symbol. These fire exit signs comply to BS5499 Part 4 and 5, 2000.

Signs marked 'FIRE EXIT' and 'FIRE EXIT ONLY' must be used in conjuction with the running man symbol.

All signs are available in 1mm rigid plastic , self adhesive vinyl or rigid plastic with self adhesive backing or complete with Bacto-Shield(TM).

Our fire signs can be mounted into stock frames or be incorporated into a corporate signage system so that they become an obvious part of your visitor navigation plan. Frequently chosen options include:

Brushed or Polished Steel Fire Signs

Generally a silk screen printed text and logo which is displayed on a 2mm brushed stainless steel platform with drilled fixing holes or standoff wall locators.

Acrylic Fire Signs

5mm polished acrylic plates with surface or rear mounted vinyl graphics, mounted on polished metal locators. Acrylic Fire Signs can also be ceiling suspended or supplied as wall projecting signs. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Our most frequently supplied designs are detailed on our downloadable information and price sheet for acrylic fire exit signs (pdf).

Veneered MDF Fire Signs

Reversed silk screen printed text and logo onto a 5mm clear acrylic panel with polished edges which is then mounted by VHB tape to 13mm veneered MDF chamfered panel. Stained and varnished to suit your door furniture.

Tactile Braille Fire Signs

DDA compliant tactile fire signs which are readable by sighted visitors but also understood by visually impared visitors and braille users are available as stock items in silver anodised frames, or can be customised to fit in with your overall signage scheme. Please see our Braille signs page for further details.

For advice regarding sign requirements and positioning, please contact us.