DDA signs and tapes

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external directory sign
external sign, metal with raised chrome lettering
corporate wall graphics
directional signage
fascia sign with raised lettering
bespoke acrylic disabled emergency exit sign
bespoke acrylic fire exit sign
polished metal floor directory sign
acrylic wall sign on raised chrome posts

DDA Signs

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA),now the Equalities Act 2010, protects the rights of people with disabilities.The law requires businesses to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to their premises and to the operation of their business to ensure equal treatment of all employees, customers and visitors. Part of conforming to the DDA involves adequate and proper placement of dda signs around a business’ premises.

Overhead signage at Dover Eastern Docks

Legal requirements for dda signs vary considerably depending on the type of organisation and premises. Tactile and Braille signs are usually mandatory for emergency infomation in public areas.

Most visitors and employees welcome tactile Braille signs. Appropriately used DDA signs are effective for both sighted and visually impared people, and the use of standard symbols not only also aids blind non-braille readers, but also helps learning disabled and non-english language visitors to navigate your building.

Steve Marsh Design has considerable experience in specifying, supplying and fitting DDA compliant signage. We are pleased to advise you on the signage required.

Stock or bespoke DDA signage

DDA signs are available as both stock items and as bespoke designs. You can download our tactile Braille sign brochure and visit our braiile signage page, however we also suggest that you call us or email your enquiry to take advantage of our considerable experience in DDA compliance for signs.

DDA equipment

Steve Marsh Design is also able to offer a wide range of DDA equipment including anti-slip tape, photoluminescent chevron tape, wheelchair ramps, stair nosings and handrails and grips.