Examples of tactile Braille signs

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Stock tactile and braille fire sign in anodised frame
Tactile and Braille lift sign
Stock tactile braille door signs for emergency exit
tacile and braille floor number
curved profile stock tactile braille fire exit sign
DDA comliant tactile fire point
actile safety signage incorporated in bespoke acrylic mount
fire point
tactile and braille stock toilet sign

Braille and tactile signs

Visitors with impared vision should not be disadvantaged when visiting your premises. For public spaces the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) means that some signs for the visually impared are a legal requirement.

Steve Marsh Designs have considerable experience in supplying tactile braille signs. Our braille signs meet the following specification and are available with or without frames (slimline or curved):-

  • Made from moulded matt finish plastic to prevent reflection
  • Patented locating ring that guides the hand to the centre, where the information can be easily found
  • Smooth contour lettering and pictograms
  • One piece die-moulded construction provides high quality at a low cost
  • Light and dark colour backgrounds available to highlight colour contrast of background walls.

Examples of Braille signs from Steve Marsh Signs, UK

Tactile signs with braille in curved anodised frames

Choose from stock braille signage, including braille toilet signs, braille fire safety signs, braille emergency exit sign and braille finger plates for doors, or let our designer create custom designed braille signage that matches your overall signage system design but also complies with disability law and latest recommendations.


Tactile Signs

Tactle signage uses standardised shapes to identify rooms such as toilets or cafes and feature large raised logos, numbers or letters. With the addition of shapes to braille signs, tactile signs allow non-braille reading or non-english reading sight impared visitors to easily find facilities and exits. Stock and bespoke tactile signs are available from Steve Marsh Design.


Stock framing options

Tactile Braille signs can be supplied unframed or in flat or curved silver anodised frames ready to accept 1mm rigid PVC Tactile signs.

  • All signs are pre-drilled
  • Hi-bond tape (used in conjunction with gripfill adhesive)
  • Pricing includes black end caps as standard. Silver anodised metal end caps are available at an additional cost.

Click here to download the latest braille brochure for stock tactile and Braille signs

Of course you may also choose to incorporate Braille and tactile features into any of your signage systems as bespoke items.